Reviews and interview

1. Korean Austrian coalition magazine, 2012
Chief Editor, Sangyong Park

Edwin Kim is still young so his violin is pure and sincere. I see that he has built up an explosive energy from his life experience and that made his violin also deep and mature.
Personally speaking, I sincerely hope that he goes the same way as David Oistrakh and Joseph Szigeti. Korea is lucky enough that it gave a birth to Edwin who I strongly believe he will be a true artist who could understand the origin of music and teach to the top of art over technique unlike the prodigy who shows up for a moment and disappears.
People love his music. His music has the origin. He is not a technician who plays violin mechanically, but he is a happy violinist who loves music and enjoys himself.

2. The Strad Korea, November 2011
Music Columnist, Jaeheock Jang

Edwin Kim is a veteran violinist with wide and sharp sight who can lead the collaboration in a dramatic mood. He does not allow any contradictions between himself and the orchestra. In so doing he not only expands the magnificence of the sound but also he creates an advantageous situation for showcasing his incomparable style.

3. The Strad Korea, September 2011

If there is a reason that he enters a lot of competitions it is only that he likes to test himself. It is not about getting good results and not for being a competitor against somebody, it is so he can see his deficiencies in order to be better, through endless work, as an artist….Edwin Kim, the recipient of a good education from internationally renowned teachers, says that their teachings greatly influence his own teaching to his students playing in the field.
“I don’t enforce just my teaching. I make them think for themselves. I help them so they can make their own performance and I try to adjust to each personal character individually so that they, rather than I suit the music. I don’t impose my style of fingering, instead I find the right one for the students with the students. And, I have many questions for my students, I stress that they think and listen to the sound by themselves through the conversation.”

4. The Strad Korea, December 2009
Editor, Sera Kim

Edwin Kim, who has as much responsibility as a member of the national team, is working to expand his field abroad. His aim and direction is clear, the fact of being a Korean artist is always with me, I feel great responsibility. I don’t want to stop improving as an artist and I will always try to convey the beauty of music for as long as I live.